ND Service Fair

This year’s Notre Dame Service Fair hosted by TASC Service, allowed ND students to represent their agencies. Students interested in finding agencies were able to talk to their peers about the agencies they worked with, to see if they were the right fit. During the Trick-or-Treat themed fair, students went around to the different booths

Senior Sunrise

7:03 A. M., September 20th, 2016- the sun was suppose to rise and greet the 2017 Ravens with warmth, welcoming them into seniorhood. The ravens didn’t let the forecasted dark weather bring their spirits down. Although the sun was covered by clouds, over 100 seniors attended the event! There was a buffet of breakfast foods

The Switch: From Middle School to High School

If you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or have graduated high school, you’ve gone through the transition from middle school to high school. Let’s bring you back to when you made the change and bring back those old (or recent) memories of that transition. Fiona McMahon ‘20, who attended Bullis Charter School before attending

Mix it Up!

Colorful flashing lights, music bumpin’, wide smiles from students all around, Notre Dame’s annual “Back to School” mixer was a time to have fun and let loose! Students from various high schools gathered outside of Julie Billiart Hall ready and excited to dance, hang out with friends, and sing alongside their peers. Not to mention,