• Ms. Lipps


    Ms. Lipps is the adviser for the Crown and Shield. In addition to advising the newspaper, she also teaches French. Ms Lipps loves all things related to musical theater and has a song for every situation. When not working, she can be seen in choir or writing a novel that no one else will ever

  • Kelechi Ajawara

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  • Izzy Asuncion

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  • Sarah Babar

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  • Maren Bick-Maurischat

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  • Emmanuelle Boucicaut

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  • Jelena Buccat

    Jelena is a buzzing bee who loves honey and the color blue. She loves the beat generation poets, reading Rookie magazine, and drawing. Her favorite season is autumn. Jelena is the assistant layout editor this year. If you have any off time, talk to Jelena about feminist agendas and she will tell you all about

  • Alexis Carles

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  • Carolyn Chen

    Carolyn is a new writer in journalism. She loves boba, udon, and poke bowls. Her music taste is A1 and if you need a bomb playlist talk to her and/or Nicole because they have amazing music taste and make great playlists. Carolyn is a tall soy bean and is nicknamed Ling by her friends, namely

  • Susan Dahni

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