Take some time in the morning to de-stress from your week! Learn how to set up your art space and watercolor some cool fruits and plants. materials – thin paintbrushes – a pack of watercolors – a paint palette – watercolor paper – paper towls – water + container *optional – essential oils

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To learn the basics of taking a good picture, watch this how-to video, whip out a camera, and capture some rad images:

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Prom is that special time of the year where you want to look your best by trying to find the perfect prom dress and especially what makeup would compliment it. So the video that I had created is to show you 2 looks which are either being more natural or go full out glam. For …

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Spring is finally here! Which is definitely one of my most favorite seasons and when I think of Spring I think of the bright and soft spring trends I am really excited to try out. As much I love wearing a bold lip and dark eyeshadows I do prefer a natural and fresh look.  The …

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December is finally upon us and it’s no secret that December is synonymous with Christmas, holidays, and festivities. It’s also the time where the makeup trends start shifting from the dark, grunge-y vibes of fall, and move towards the sparkling, champagne colors and classic winged tip liner. The holidays always bring cheer and happiness and …

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Whether speaking of Nick, Joe or Kevin, the Jonas Brothers have been sung to in cars, plastered on walls, and even tackled on occasion, for years. Some have been fans since the origin years, while others may be tuning into a specific brother just now. But no matter the case, fans everywhere can agree that …

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Roaming through the beautiful old cities and stepping through the cobblestone streets, myself and other Notre Dame students had the opportunity this summer to adventure to France and Spain! It was my first time out of the country and I was going to places that I had never thought I would actually be able to …

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Feeling down? Want to dance? Here’s a playlist some Crown &Shield members put together for you! (Playlist of Only MVs) (Playlist of Lyrics)

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Check out the amazing performances by the Freshmen and Sophomore classes!  From the Jungle Book to Dr. Seuss, the Vipers and Dragons take the stage!

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Over Spring Break, 10 students took a theater trip to the “Big Apple”! Right upon their 6 am arrival, students walked around Manhattan and got to see the beautiful sights of the city. Joined together with another group of students from Chicago, they were able to meet new people and feel a sense of independence …

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