Stranger Things 2

Every month has its own special occasion for people to recognize. October has Halloween, which is celebrated by people all over the nation. Children build a year long candy stash while trick or treating, and others dress up for costume contests and watch scary movies at home. This year, the one premiere that everyone was waiting for was Stranger Things 2. As soon as the first season of the popular TV show aired, the one question audiences had was: what happens next? On October 27th, the second season was released, and thousands around the world began to watch the long awaited series. Stranger Things 2 introduces several new characters and enemies, which leads to a new story that fans will never forget.

Watchers all over the world were wondering what had happened to Will Byers in the Upside Down, a cold and dark version of our world, and we found out in season two that his friends and family were wondering the same thing. Will was being repeatedly tested at Hawkins Lab for any abnormalities and it is later revealed that he is possessed a new demon they call the “shadow monster”, which resides in the Upside Down. Joyce Byers, his mother, and police chief Jim Hopper work together to try to figure out the traits of their new enemy and free Will from this creature. However, Joyce and Hopper are not the only ones fighting against this alternate dimension. Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Mike Wheeler all work together to battle new monsters from the Upside Down. They take help from newcomer Max Mayfield, a skilled gamer who moved to Hawkins with her family and older brother Billy, who causes problems at the high school later in the season. After Dustin adopts a new pet, a lizard like creature which he calls a “demodog”, the group realizes that it is from the Upside Down and looking to destroy everything in its path. Along with Steve Harrington, a new favorite, they try to find a way to stop the demodogs from eradicating their home. While the others protect this secret of the Upside Down and its creatures, Jonathan Byers, Will’s older brother, and Nancy Wheeler, Mike’s older sister, take their information to the press, hoping to expose the wrongdoings of Hawkins Lab and the people they have hurt. Eleven, a child with special abilities, is one example of the terrible experiments taking place at the lab. She explores her relationship with her biological family as well as her sister, Kali, but stays away from the group for her safety.  All of these characters have different journeys throughout the series, but they join together at the end of the season to defeat this entity that has changed their lives forever.

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