Andi Mack: Disney’s Newest Show

Due to the July release of Raven Symone’s long-anticipated series Raven’s Home, many Disney Channel fans have watched little else on the channel as of late. Still, there is a growing number of fans who have rallied around another recent show from the network: Andi Mack.
The show centers around the title character as she transitions into adolescence. Her thirteenth birthday is relatively average, until her older sister Bex visits and shares a family secret that quite literally changes her entire life. To avoid giving out spoilers, I will not reveal the exact secret, but I can say that it is definitely taboo and unlike anything you would expect from a Disney Channel show.
In addition to its candidness, the show is also distinctive amongst most Disney Channel series in that it is filmed on location in Park City, Utah, without a live studio audience. In addition, Andi’s school is a real school in Park City and many of the extras actually attend that middle school. This gives the show a deeper sense of authenticity and believability; visually, it allows the show to more closely resemble a drama than a Disney show.
Overall, the show manages to be relatable, despite the unusual family secret the show features. Andi’s family, friendship, and romantic dilemmas are refreshingly real. Furthermore, the fact that Andi’s family is a mixed asian gives many audience members a deeper connection with the show. Also, Andi’s best friends and sidekicks are Black and Jewish, respectively. The show is also very funny, with many witty and mature one-liners that one would not expect from Disney.
Whether you’re looking for a drama, a comedy, or anything in between, chances are you’ll find it on Andi Mack. The link to the first episode is below–be sure to watch the first season before the second one premieres on October 27th!

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