“Homemade Dynamite” Review

    What do you get when four of today’s biggest artists collaborate on one explosive song? The answer is Homemade Dynamite! Two time Grammy award winner, Lorde,  teamed up with Khalid, Post Malone, and SZA for a remix of her original song, “Homemade Dynamite”. The remix, released on September 14th, displays a faster, more upbeat feel of the original version, which was one of the tracks from Lorde’s sophomore album “Melodrama”.
       All three artists offered up their own vocal styles and talents in their verses of the song. They flawlessly lay down vocals alongside Lorde’s during the dynamic chorus. Over the airy tune of “Homemade Dynamite,” Khalid and Post Malone both belt out their passionate verses, while SZA brings the house down with slow temper lyrics touching on having a good time without any worries: “I checked your girl at the door. I sent your friend to the store. It’s only me and you”. As the song progresses, layers of voices are strung together into the catchy chorus. By the end, all four artists are harmonizing, and the song just feels powerful and full of meaning.  It leaves you begging for more!
      Although “Homemade Dynamite” is very different from Lorde’s usual style of music, she has completely broken her own boundaries with the tone and beat of the song. This, along with having the talented rapper Post Malone, as well as up and coming R&B artists Khalid and SZA, added a new, fresh flavor to the basic notes of the original track. Lorde’s creative taste is going to take her places in our music world.

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