Snacking doesn’t have to be unhealthy

Next time you are craving a snack, instead of popping that bag of popcorn in the microwave or grabbing that bag of Doritos, turn yourself to something healthy, but as equally delicious! Here are 8 of the best healthy snack alternatives that you can create with the ingredients you have at home:


Get Popping!


Instead of warming up microwave popcorn, filled with tons of salt and flavoring, make popcorn with a air popping machine or even diy it in a butcher paper bag. Create your own flavor combinations with ingredients at home such as olive oil and salt, cinnamon or even drizzle some dark chocolate.


Eat the real stuff!


Don’t grab a handful of fruit snacks, eat the real stuff! Dipping apples into peanut butter is a great option, but not the only one. Whip up more tasty combinations such as yogurt dip and strawberries, nutella and green apples or even hummus and carrots, if you want a savory treat.


Got Pizza?


Just three ingredients are needed to make your own customizable pizza! Spread tomato sauce (or even get creative with pesto sauce or barbeque sauce) on pita bread and sprinkle cheese. Add your favorite toppings like, corn, chicken, pineapple, bell pepper or mushrooms. Pop these into the microwave or a toaster oven for your healthy AND delicious treat.


Healthy and Addictive Chips


Getting your fingers covered in cheese dust is not worth it just for a Dorito, grab a handful of homemade tortilla chips that are healthy and just as addictive. These chips are just 3 steps away! Cut tortilla chips into wedges, pop on a baking sheet and bake for 6 minutes at 375 degrees, top with salt to taste.


Warm, chocolaty and delicious


Stop yourself from grabbing that packaged bag of cookies, make your own batch at home! Mix up a batch of cookie dough that you can freeze so you can bake your cookies when you want to. It will take more time then opening a bag, but these cookies will be warm and as big as you want them to be!


Cheesy Goodness


Nachos are a tasty treat that we all enjoy. But instead of piling on fake, gooey cheese onto tortilla chips, sprinkle your favorite type of cheese and pop it in the microwave. Nachos are best with tons of toppings so feel free to add anything you love with that cheesy goodness!


Guilt-free, summery treats


Ice cream can be all of our guilty pleasures, but there are healthier options. If a freezer and some juice or leftover smoothie is on hand, pour it into popsicle molds or even dixie cups with popsicle sticks to enjoy anytime of the year.


Who doesn’t love chocolate?


Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, Reese’s, Hershey’s you name it! All of us love biting into a piece of chocolate candy. But, there is an even healthier option called dark chocolate. Chocolate that is healthy and good for you! Next time grab a bite of dark chocolate and this time you will have an excuse to snack on it all day long!


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