Basketball Senior Night

Senior night. For senior players, this is one of the biggest nights of their high school sport careers. Their athletic abilities, skills, and sportsmanship are celebrated in this joyful night, as they face off against different teams, in this case, Castilleja. Notre Dame commemorates seniors who have showed dedication and commitment, not just  in basketball, but every other sport that we offer. On Friday, February 17, seniors Palak Shah, Misa Fujii, and Amanda Straka were celebrated for basketball..  Before the game started, they were given flowers and loud cheers as the Notre Dame crowd supported them. They were able to take pictures with their families and build up waves of confidence before their big game. Notre Dame being the compassionate school that it is, gave flowers to the seniors on Castilleja’s team as well. The game started off very low-scoring, but picked up as Misa Fujii 17’ and Julia Micallef 18’ rained three pointers on the other team. Anjali Pursai 18’ had amazing rebounds and assists and scored some points of her own. The night was full of excitement and triumph as the Notre Dame crowd made sure the team was energized and pumped up. The game went on very well, and the Regents dominated the other team. The seniors thoroughly enjoyed the night and had a lot of positive remarks on the experience. Misa Fujii says, “It was great to have teachers, friends and family there to share the special night with us seniors.” Her mom also enjoyed the game saying how this is one of the closest teams that she has ever seen. Palak Shah says, “It was a really good night, like I felt really loved and supported because I was surrounded by people who love me and who’ve seen me grow. It made me so happy.” She played very well and was a star on the free throw line. Amanda Straka had a great time at the game and support she received made her very happy on the court. She says, “it was awesome, it was kinda surreal. The game was basically something I’ve been waiting for for 4 years and when it finally happened I loved how much my team put effort into it, how much care and love they have for us seniors and it definitely showed.”

It was a good night that made the players, fans, and Notre Dame community very proud. Regents played their hearts out, like they do every night, and continue to work with respect and resilience.

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