The Velvet Trend: Hit or Miss

Princess Di & Velvet

Many people have just recently hopped on the bandwagon and started buying velvet clothing, shoes and other various accessories, but unknown to many, this revival started during the late fall of 2011.  With touches of it seen at fashion weeks all over the world, the trend has become bigger and bigger each year.  Although it started small and was rarely seen at stores, but by 2016, velvet was literally everywhere.

Many ask the question: is it a hit or a miss?  Velvet sells in all types of stores, from Target to Saks Fifth Avenue, so it is valid to say that it is a hit with consumers.  But the styling itself can become a gray area and get kind of hazy.  

In the past, I have always associated velvet with the uncomfortable green, red, or plaid dresses and bright white tights everyone was forced to wear around the holidays.  This for sure would be an awful example of a way to wear velvet, so remembering to not pair green or red velvet together or with plaid is key.  Some velvet can also look tacky and unflattering, depending on where the item is from or the style of the garment.  Another piece to consider when wearing velvet is that it does not photograph well.  In this day and age, going to an event without being photographed and not having that photo posted is nearly impossible. When velvet misses the mark, it is a complete miss.

Now that velvet has practically taken over the fashion world, there is so much inspiration on how to wear it — correctly. Many celebrities have taken the trend to a whole other level, so there are virtually no excuses to not follow this trend.  Adding a velvet accessory like choker, blazer, or pair of shoes can add a little pizazz to a simple t-shirt and jeans pairing.  Or you can go the complete opposite route with a bold velvet jumpsuit or dress.  Velvet is quite versatile, when you buy the right pieces, so an investment in some products would be a major benefit to your wardrobe.  

Needless to say, my somewhat thorough analysis of the trend should convince you to follow it, because I strongly believe it is an affordable hit!

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