Explorers for the Day

     If it seemed like half of the school was not present about two weeks ago, you were not hallucinating. Students taking Trigonometry/Precalculus, Calculus AB AP, Calculus BC AP, Physics, or AP Physics traveled to San Francisco for the day. Arriving at about 10 a.m., students were given roughly three hours to visit exhibits at the Exploratorium. Thanks to the parent volunteers, there were chaperones at every corner, which allowed for freedom and flexibility. Visitors were also strongly encouraged to get hands-on with the equipment, and the environment was extremely kid-friendly. Interacting with the labs, I heard many ND students say the experience took them back to their childhood. Some students even brought their cameras to pose for pictures in the fog tunnel and colored outline room. The only downside of the field trip was the worksheet. When first stepping into the building, students were drawn to the exhibit on the worksheet’s first question. Large groups crowded from one display to another, hastily filling out the questions. They were all eager to finish the assignment, so they can explore freely and enjoy themselves. However, it was especially hard for students taking a math and physics course, as they had more questions than those who only took one. It was not surprising that many did not finish within the time crunch. Making do with the time they had, students took the last half hour to play around and simply took pictures of the required exhibits and completed their assignments at home. Despite the small inconvenience, the field trip was still a fun learning experience!

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