Desk Basics

Having an organized desk is important. Finding things will be much simpler, concentrating can be easier, and there is just more space to do work. Here’s what a desk can look like:


Keep it simple. On the desk, only have things that will be frequently used: laptop, headphones, pens, pencils, etc.



Keep items together to use as little space possible. Stand the books so that they can be easily found and put away. Separate pens from pencils for easy access.



Pen holders can be cheap, but things like mason jars add a little extra something. Feel free to paint designs on the jar, or use washi tape to decorate.


Have a sketch/doodle book. In between working, take breaks to keep circulation flowing.

[Sketchbook] [&] [Colored Pencils]




Have a planner to stay organized. It can be easy to get events and dates mixed up, but writing it down is super handy. This is a weekly planner with notes sections, full calendar spreads, and checklists.

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