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BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON… is almost over, but it is not too late to be creative with your school supplies! Add some spice to your boring pencils, decorate your pencil bag you had ever since middle school, or add some sparkles to your notebook! Yes, school may be a drag at times, but these cool DIYs will spice up your school life:


1. Confetti Pencils

With a plain white pencil with bursts of color all over it will bring a little celebration in you, as you work throughout the entire week of school with these amazing and fun confetti pencils!


Save a couple of bucks with this party in your pouch DIY here


2. DIY Fruit Pencil Pouches

Do you ever want to have your pencil pouch a bit more fruitier? Well, this pencil pouch DIY will answer your prayers. In a way we are kinda making a fruit salad in a way, filled with watermelons, strawberries, and pineapples.


Which fruit is your favorite?! And just thinking about will probably make you hungrier if you have a class right before lunch. Hopefully, this will brighten up your day a bit more, and you can check out how to create it at this blog.

3. Tumblr Inspired Notebooks

Ok, Let’s be honest almost everyone wants to have aesthetically pleasing notebooks which will be totally #instragram worthy.


Personalize and customize it however and whichever you want, check out how to make this awesome notebook over here.


4.  Eraser USB File

A perfect two in one school supply and you can use any eraser any color, shape, or size!


To know how to create this Eraser USB you can see this blog or even see this video!


5. Heart Shape Paper Clips

If you want something really simple to do that doesn’t cost a lot or just simply a lazy crafter, this simple Heart Shape Paper Clip will do the trick.


To create and add this little project to your supplies check it out here!


6. DIY Notebook Sewn Canvas Tote Bag

This really simple and easy to create tote bag will help carry extra textbooks or even your yoga clothes with style.

notebooktote4 notebooktote21

You interested in recreating this affordable and fun project click on over here!

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