Then vs Now: Free Dress Edition

During the whole month of January, students wore free dress because Notre Dame exceeded the goal for Mag Drive. Many people didn’t know how to feel about it, because they did not know if they had have enough clothes to wear for the month or if they had too many clothes to decide from. Whatever girls decided to dress to impress or dress for comfort. Free dress was a really nice time to get to know people based on their styles as well. The month went by in the blink of an eye as students saw the announcements for wearing the uniform starting February 1st. The whole week leading up to the end of free dress students were complaining that they did not want to go back to uniform because they liked having options. According to some they felt boring going back to the uniform because it made them feel plain. Although uniform is a great way to create order, and have a more community, the feeling of being able to be expressive and dressing the way you want  is always a good feeling.After the first week of being back in uniform and adjusting students seemed to have forgotten the month of January even occurred. Overall the good things that came students raised enough to meet the goal for mag drive to provide funds for the fun school activities, clubs, and all the fun events provided to us. Free dress was a very liberating experience and a good way to start out the new year for the ND community. Would they have liked more time or was it good enough? Debateable, but it was an experience that as a community we should continue to do.

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