The Art of the ‘Promposal’

Over the years, Notre Dame has seen some pretty incredible ‘Promposals” from the Juniors and Seniors. We witnessed Angie ’15 and Bernice ’14 with their adorable Lacrosse-themed invite, or the various Bellarmine boys that have showed up on campus displaying signs and flowers for their dates. Although it is early in the year, with prom not being until May, ND girls are starting to plan their ‘Promposals’, whether it is to their friend-dates, or to their baes. But for those who haven’t planned their epic ‘Promposals’ yet, here are some ideas:

LEGO TO PROM: If your date is a fan of LEGO’s, try spelling out the lettering to ask them to Prom. Make sure no one steps on them! OUCH!

Go to their school: if your proposed aren’t a Notre Dame student, stop by their school or after-school program to ask in person! But make sure they won’t be too embarrassed by it, especially if they have social anxiety

Ask them: If your date is shy and doesn’t like a lot of attention, sometimes straight up asking is the best option.


Waltz: Since prom is full of dancing, surprise your date with random dancing (or for non-romantic dates, refer to random dancing on iCarly). Ask them while dancing.

Images: Create a poster covered in the pictures of you and your prospective date. A walk down memory lane is always enjoyable.

Locker time: Fill the locker with some kind of object that they like, and make a pun out of it! For example: “I’m bananas for you! Prom?”, then fill the locker with bananas.

Light: Lots of fun promposals include fairy lights, or other lit objects. Just don’t set anything on fire.

Yarn: One of the more time consuming promposals. Write a note and then wrap the notes in an entire string of yarn, and then make your date unwrap it. Make sure it is neat!

Out of this world: If your prospective date is a Star Wars fan, go crazy! “I don’t want to go Han Solo to Prom, Leia-Go to prom”

Unicorn Island: If your bae is a fan of Lily Singh, look through her videos until you find all of the words needed for your promposal. Then edit them all together to make a sentence. This also works with any kind of online show, television show, movie, speech or music video.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.30.12 AM

God?: There are plenty of religious themed proposals out there. But one of the best is the “PROM 20;16 and then God said ‘Go to prom with ___'”

Open Sesame: Hide a prom proposal inside multiple layers of boxes, like nesting dolls. You can then watch your date open boxes upon boxes

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.31.11 AM

Truck Madness: If your date can’t seem to keep their car clean, try wiping the proposal out on the dirt currently covering their car. Make sure to wash your hands afterward.

Original song: If you are an artist, reword the lyrics of a popular song to ask your date to prom. Accompany your lyrics with background music, or play the music yourself.


PROM?: If they drive, or you know their home address, create a sticky note message spelling out “Prom?”

Roses are red…: Create a cute poem that asks your date to prom. For example “Roses are red. Donuts are the bomb. Do me a favor and come with me to Prom?” (accompanied by Donuts of course)

On a scale of…: Come up with a cute little expression to put on a poster. For example: “One a scale of one to America, how free are you on *insert date of prom*

Make a giant cookie: Or really any food product that you can spell out prom with. Food is always the answer.


Wear a costume: Lots of promposal puns include costumes you could wear. If you are confident and don’t embarrass easily, dress full out!

If you are reading this, be my date: Be confident! Signs are always an easy way to go.

Tacos: Food is always good. Plus, the pun “let’s TACO about prom” is masterful.

Hate romance?: As mentioned above, bring a friend to Prom!!!! Or go with a group!!! Although asking a friend to Prom is cute, you can also just talk to them and mention the idea. Prom does NOT have to be romantic.


Make it themed: If your date likes a certain TV show or movie, consider dressing up like a character from that specific interest, and come up with a clever expression

Equations: Math nerd? Use a cute math pun or spell out prom using an equation or math terms.

?: Still struggling to come up with an idea? Scour Pinterest for its many Promposal ideas!


*Authors note: If you want to invite your friend to Prom #girlsnight2k16, and you happen to be a Journalist, write an article about proposals, and then have them read the first letter of each section.

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